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Tips on clicks Location – Mumbai Maharashtra

Was born in the year 1899 with the release of a short film.

Average number of films in a year – 300 to 350

Topmost famous actors – Amitabh Bacchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai, etc.

Bollywood, Mumbai, Maharashtra – Welcome! Television and movies are something that haven’t yet been tried to be quit, and never would be in near future. Anyone who has brought up watching TV or has been a part of an actor family is not unknown of the power of Bollywood that has been wielding in the Indian minds since it had been born, back in 1899. Initially, the number of people working with it, the number of people involved in it by various means, the number of people watching it and the impact of it on every kind of mind was quite less than the figures of today. Bollywood derived its name from the American Film industry situated in Hollywood. This was the Indian Film Industry needed a similar name to be recognized as a film industry, initially, and thus, Bollywood came to picture. Bollywood – The Hindi Movie Industry – was Maharashtra’s very first film producing business. In the prior days of Bollywood, there were a very few movies being produced, on an average, every year. But as the population grew, the demand from the entertainment sector grew due to various factors. And today, over 300 movies per year are produced, lal kitab including all kinds of movies. The film producers are known to invest millions and more in the creation and development of one film, and also are famous for extracting profit, doubled the investments. Such is the demand for entertainment in every region of Maharashtra, which Bollywood is known to satiate to a great extent.

State of the Cinema Estate Originally there used to be cinema halls, only a few in numbers, for the purpose of watching a newly released movie. And in the initial days of Bollywood, watching a movie in the theater house was no less than a celebration and occasion. But today, the scenario has completely changed; every village has a cinema house to watch every new movie, located at walking distance from the main center of the village. Talking about the cities, there are cinema houses at every new turn of the road, and each cinema house has got multiple cinema halls, which is called a multiplex.

Mumbai and Bollywood Mumbai is the capital of the Maharashtra state as well as that of the Hindi Blockbuster movies, or the All India Films, Bollywood – The Hindi Movie Industry. When Bollywood was born, Mumbai was still Bombay. Bollywood could be called the Hollywood of India, and it seconds Hollywood of the USA in making quality films and well as in producing many of them in number. Annually, more than 300 films are produced with Mumbai as the epicenter of shoots and other production related stuff. The Bollywood trend, now-a-days, is seen to shoot films abroad, because of the requirements of location and climate that suits the theme of the movie.

Bollywood Movie Themes Coming to themes, there are movies released in Bollywood based on all kinds of themes – love, romance, action, festivities, family, friendship, humanity, patriotism, religious, social values, and so much more. There are various types of categories in which the Bollywood movies are categorized based on their themes – like Masala Movies, Parallel Movies, Musical, and so many more.

The movie stars The Bollywood movie stars and actors are the most adored people in Maharashtra and India. They are the most respected celebrities of the country, as well as abroad. Each of the stars has their own number of fans, which is still great, pertaining to the Indian population. These celebs are adorned so much due to their work in the movies, which entertain the viewers and enchants them to become fans of the most beautiful, hard working and well- presented stars. Apart from being adorable and respectable, the Bollywood movie stars are also famous and rich; the two things that every person dreams of. They are also in the vision due to the luxurious lives they live.

The gist of the whole Bollywood thing lies in the film studios. These are places where the actual shooting of the movies and various other activities related to the films take place. From inaugurations to rehearsals, from the first take to the conclusion, and from sound recording, to dance practice – these film and sound studios are like a mother’s womb to the movies, without which the entertainment busters wont be conceived and grow.

Screenings of movies Whether local, resident or tourist – any visitor in Mumbai is not left untouched by the magic of Bollywood movies, and hence, there have been built numerous theatres and cinema halls, even multiplexed ones, for the visitors to enjoy the Bollywood movie screenings in these halls. If you wish to make a good decision, for which you wont have to repent, on which movie to watch an in which theater, it is better to purchase a movie magazine that is full of authentic reviews and listings. The most famous and reputed cinemas in Mumbai are Regal in Colaba, the Sterling, the Inox, the PVR, the Eros in Church Gate, the New Excelsior and the New Empire. There are various other cinemas in various regions of Mumbai and Maharashtra, to suit the resident people.

It is really challenging to wrap up Bollywood – The Hindi Movie Industry – in one page. It would be most appropriate to visit Maharashtra and Mumbai and have a look an feel of the Bollywood industry with personal eyes and heart.
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